Why Use A Licensed Landscaper?

When considering options for landscape work there are three primary options: 1) Do it yourself, 2) hire someone to do the work, 3) hire a licensed professional to do the work right. For most folks, doing the work yourself is out of the question with jobs and family commitments, not to mention the knowledge required and rules associated with the landscape. For example, many landscapes in years past used the beautiful Bradford Pear tree. She shape was visually appealing and the tree complimented almost any landscape. However, the crotch of the limbs (where the limb meets the trunk) is generally narrow and with age and growth, the limbs are susceptible to breakage with slight wind which can also damage your car, home or others. Secondly this tree has a cross pollination problem with other pear trees. Once thought of as a sterile tree, they in fact pollinate but not with each other, instead with other pears creating an offspring that chokes out other indigenous plants and interferes with pear production. So, your simple sweet tree could actually impact your neighbor’s fruit production … that is, if the branch falling from it doesn’t hit you in the head first. That brings us to another point, inclusion of indigenous our native plants. A licensed landscaper knows what grows in your area and what naturally does not. English Ivy is a great example of the introduction of non-native plants that look great and thrive but that literally choke out and kill other plants. Finally, there’s the issue of plant spacing. Gone are the days of boxwoods planted in a row with general 3 foot spacing for the plants. Dynamic landscapes blend plants with height, color, contrast all while knowing that the rosebay rhododendron will need so many feet for an average 20-year growth compared to the closer spacing of the bleeding heart columbine in the forefront of the design. Now that we have a definite argument for someone else to do the work, let’s see more of why you should use a licensed landscaper.

Charles Boyd

Charles Boyd

Time and knowledge are valid points, but there are other issues to consider. A licensed landscaper has more than knowledge and experience … they have training. WNC Landscaping not only has over 40 years of business experience but also over 80 years combined experience in landscaping; as well as two bachelor’s degrees in landscape design and certification in irrigation, pesticides and installation. Our owner, Charles Boyd maintains a 10 acre+ nursery of indigenous plants grown on our farm. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Agriculture and Landscape Design from North Carolina State University. He taught agriculture and horticulture for over 30 years in the high school and community college settings and serves as an elected member of his local Haywood Soil & Water Conservation Board. His son, Brian Boyd, also hold a degree in Horticulture from North Carolina  State University as well as has training in pond and waterfall installation and is one of the only certified irrigation specialist in North Carolina. These guys know their stuff! They have background, not only in plants and soils, but in slope and grade and how your landscape will drain with rain and how your plants will perform in drought. Speaking of drainage, our team also knows and understands how water lines run and work for municipal water systems and on-sight well-users and will not have a mishap with your lines. An unlicensed worker does not have the background, knowledge or bonding to help with large problems that may occur … many times at their own hands.

Lastly, and most importantly, you get your money’s worth and then some. The value added to your home by a licensed, professional landscape designer will far outweigh the costs. Plus there’s the added level of protection to your property. It’s simple, really … if you want a professional looking job, you get a professional to do the work.

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